German Desk

We speak the same language and understand the international dimension of German and private companies in an increasingly interconnected and complex world.

Germany is an increasingly important market for Portugal. The strength of the German business presence in Portugal brought a new wave of investments, now in the area of information, technology, engineering and tourism. Germany is Portugal's third largest trade customer and second largest supplier.

For clients wishing to do business in Germany, or companies or private German clients that want to establish themselves in Portugal, CCA has created a German desk capable of providing the best support and information hub as well as closer bilateral relations between Portugal and Germany.

How can we help:

  • We understand German law regarding the business environment, ethics and corporate governance in Germany;
  • Having worked with many international clients, we have a proven and established approach in providing complex crossbording services and international projects;
  • We have a strong network of connections within the professional and business communities in Portugal and Germany, which allows us to offer additional services and local support;
  • We have a bilingual team, which has all the knowledge and skills necessary for all in and out monitoring;
  • The command of the German language will also support the clients and their businesses in countries that use the German language;
  • The team is comprised of professionals from a variety of fields and sectors, offering clients a full range of operations and day-to-day operations, including mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures with local partners, marketing of products and services in the Portuguese market, corporate and contractual issues, taxation, labour law issues, among others.

German Desk

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