Portugal Link

According to a UN report of 2015, Portugal has the second highest rate of emigration in the European Union. Millions of Portuguese live abroad and maintain a strong connection to their country.

As in any other area, experience and know-how are very important, as well as physical availability and speed in Client service.

Today the main countries of our emigration are the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg. We will regularly visit these countries with the teams that are needed.

Aware of the reality and legal needs of our diaspora, CCA, which has gained extensive experience in national and international issues that directly affect the Portuguese community and the country, has created the Portugal Link service.

Aimed at the Portuguese Community and at investment in Portugal, Portugal Link has as its main objective to be a partner of your business and your needs, as well as to act as a bridge and to follow closely all issues related to Portugal and which can affect companies and private individuals, in particular:

  • Creation and installation of companies in Portugal;
  • Follow up of participation and applications to public programs to encourage investment (Portugal 2020, Compete 2020, Atrair Program, etc);
  • Patrimonial management and protection, including inheritance planning;
  • Acquisition of real estate and other assets;
  • National and international taxation;
  • Settlement of disputes;
  • Taxes and tax obligations;
  • Support in the search for opportunities and partnerships.

We anticipate challenges and design innovative solutions and global strategies to protect your assets and to ensure your business has sustained and long-term growth.

Portugal Link


Martim Menezes