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Back to the Future Webinar | Impact Entrepreneurship


Still, in the State of Emergency and in the midst of a pandemic, how is impact entrepreneurship reacting? What measures can impact organizations benefit from, and how is this monitoring being carried out?

To try to answer these questions, CCA ON - Knowledge and Innovation Centre of CCA Law Firm, in partnership with Casa do Impacto organized last April 30th, at 3:30 p.m., a webinar dedicated to the effects of the pandemic crisis on impact entrepreneurship and the measures already implemented by the government to mitigate its results.

Inês Jardim Sequeira, Casa do Impacto Director; Domingos Cruz, CCA Law Firm Managing Partner; and André Facote, CEO of Skizo by iRcycle, joined the table to discuss these subjects, moderated by Rita Trabulo, Startinnovation Team by CCA Law Firm's Managing Associate.

The session lasted approximately 60 minutes, with free access but limited registrations.

The webinar was simultaneously broadcasted on CCA's Linkedin page and on Startinnovation Team's Facebook page.