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It is paramount to read these Terms and Conditions.

1. Website Ownership and Control

This Website (the “Website”) is owned by Cruz, Menezes, Salinas e Associados, Sociedade de Advogados, SP RL, (the “CCA Law”) and its access and use must comply with these Terms and Conditions, that bind CCA Law and the Website User (the “User”).

CCA Law may, at its sole discretion, at all time and without prior warning, to suspend its Website, particularly, to repair or perform maintenance operations, as well as to shut down the Website.

2. Website Content

The Website has a solely informative purpose and it does not, whatsoever, has commercial goals. CCA Law does not provide any kind of legal assistance through its Website, neither does it share any type of confidential information or that arises from the Attorney – Client relationship.

The information in this Website is not an invitation to purchase the services of CCA Law.

3. Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions

When accessing and using the Website, the User will be fully and without reservations, accepting the Terms and Conditions’ provisions.

4. Intellectual Property

Text and images, as well as trademarks, logos and other symbols represented in the Website are owned or have been licensed to CCA Law accordingly.

People or sites’ images portrayed in the Website are owned or have been licensed to CCA Law.

Accessing, visualizing and transferring of Website contents by the User is limited by intellectual property rights that protect contents.

Specifically, downloading, using or disclosing the Website contents for commercial purposes is expressly prohibited. Downloading, using, playing or disclosing the contents for non-commercial purposes is limited by copyright and intellectual property provisions.

Except when specifically set otherwise, it is not granted to the User any type of using license or any other right over the Website Information.

Nothing in the Website can be understood as a license granting or authorizing towards third-party copyrights.

5. Accuracy, Liability limitation and Exclusion of Guarantees

The informative contents published and disclosed in the Website were written by Lawyers or Employees of CCA Law and were created with due diligence, care and attention reasonably expectable. However, these informative contents are not a service provided by CCA Law, therefore it does not provide any warranties over those contents.

For such purpose, CCA Law is not liable for the

6. Third-party links

This Website may contain links to other website that are not owned or controlled by CCA Law, thus is not liable for them. Specifically, CCA Law does not provide any guarantees or representations on these websites, including any contents therein and/or goods or services provided or advertised.

7. Linking prohibition

The User shall not include any linking to CCA Law Website, without prior and written permission.

8. How can you be aware of any update to the Privacy Policy?

These Terms and Conditions can be updated; thus it is advisable for the User to review this document.

Whenever occurs an amendment on our Terms and Conditions, we will publish a notice in this website. Should the amendments be materially relevant, CCA LAW might send to all registered Users an email providing notice about such amendments. Below, you will find the date of the last update.

Last published on: April 2019