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Cruz, Salinas, Mayer & Associados, Sociedade de Advogados, SP, RL, or solely “CCA Law”, with headquarters at Rua Vítor Cordon, nº10A, 1249-202, Lisbon, company registered under no. 504 046 799, is the Data Controller in charge of this website This Privacy Policy will be applicable to your use of this website.


To clearly understand how we process your personal data, below we will be answering to the most common questions regarding such processing: 

  1. Who is the Data Controller of the Information we collect about you?
  2. What kind of information do we collect about you?
  3. What information do we collect – cookies and other internet technologies?
  4. For what purposes will we be entitled to process your Personal Information?
  5. With whom do we share the data we collect about you?
  6. How do we store and protect your Personal Information (data security)?
  7. How to access, update, correct and erase your Personal Information?
  8. How can you be aware of any update to the Privacy Policy?
  9. What are our contact details? 

1. Who is the Data Controller of the Information we collect about you?

CCA Law is the Data Controller of the personal data (“Personal Information”) processing that we collect about you on the website (the “Website”).

The abovementioned Personal Information is processed by CCA Law, its processors and partners and shall be collected, processed and stored under the relevant data protection provisions applicable in Portugal.

2. What kind of information do we collect about you?

CCA Law will access personal information that you freely choose to provide or that is mentioned in this Privacy Policy, namely when you register at this website. Therefore, it is paramount that you are aware that, for you to register and benefit from some of the functions offered in this website, you will be required to provide some personal information. All mandatory information fields are duly identified as such. In these cases, the absence of an answer will hinder to provide such functions and you will not be allowed to use them. CCA Law will by no means be held liable for not providing or partially providing such functions.

Anyway, you will be liable for the accuracy of the data provided and CCA Law shall always be entitled to rule out from registered functions any user that provided false information, without prejudice to any other legal consequences.

Shall you provide us with third party data, you must guarantee that you obtained their previous consent to provide such data to CCA Law, for the abovementioned processing purposes. In any case, should any change on your personal information occur, CCA Law hereby requests you to communicate such changes, so that we can maintain your information updated. Therefore, you bound yourself to provide truthful personal information and to maintain such information provided to CCA Law updated.

3. What information do we collect – cookies and other internet technologies?

CCA Law automatically collects information whenever someone visits its website. CCA Law collects information on users’ computer and assigns it a “cookie” (small information package about such user) whenever someone visits its website. This data is not provided by the user – it is automatically collected as a way of enhancing connection to website and its use.

We use cookies and other similar technologies to enhance and register namely which services you use on our website. These technologies can also be used when you receive HTML electronic messages. 

  • Cookies and other internet technologies

We collect information from your computer with the purpose of assessing content’s efficiency on our website and its use. This data allows us to improve the use of our website or to enhance users website experience and to develop programs and contents in accordance with the users’ interests.

Besides cookies, our website and some of our HTML messages have “pixel tags” (markers) that allow us to follow users’ steps on our website and those from the recipients of our communications. These markers are used to collect data, non-identifiable as personal, which allow us to determine popular choices, among other things. 

  • Informations on user’s computer

CCA Law obtains technical information from the user’s computer whenever it requests access to a specific page, when visiting the website. This information is obtained through the user’s browser and may include different data, such as: IP address, operating system used, Internet search software, (e. g., Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari), screen resolution and reference websites.

4. For what purposes will we be entitled to process your Personal Information?

We collect and process your personal information in order to:

  • Send newsletters and updates that you have chosen to receive;
  • Improve and enhance your visit to our website.
  • Marketing communications and advertising 

As a registered user, you may occasionally receive, through e-mail, information on services provided by CCA Law, eventually directed by your specific interest such as regulatory or legal updates or even, casually, relevant developments for specific sectors.

These emails about our website will be sent, unless you have refused to receive such communications. At any time, you may decide that no longer want to receive any other emails. In that case, you may cancel receiving any further emails by clicking at the link in our emails and other communications or requesting it through the following e-mail address:

5. With whom do we share the data we collect about you?

We may share your Personal Information with a partner (third-party entities). Any data sharing will always be performed in accordance with relevant legal provisions.

To send newsletters and other abovementioned emails, CCA Law outsources third-parties, that will be acting solely as Processors, under the Data Protection Act and that will be processing your data on behalf and under strict instructions from CCA Law. Therefore, in those cases, our privacy policy is fully applicable, namely when referring to compliance of security measures that enhance data confidentiality.

We may be legally bound to disclose or share your personal information in order to fulfill a legal obligation or to enforce our Privacy Policy or other regulations, or to protect the rights, goods or security of CCA Law, our clients and/or others.

6. How do we store and protect your Personal Information (data security)?

CCA Law is committed to adopt all necessary security measures to ensure data protection safeguard against its potential misuse or unauthorized access.

We will store your personal information solely for the period necessary to its purpose and in accordance with the relevant law. CCA Law and its processors will apply physical, technical and organizational security measures to prevent unauthorized or unlawful processing, accidental loss or destruction, amendments, disclosing or unauthorized access or damage to your Personal Information.

7. How to access, update, correct and erase your Personal Information?

We try our best to ensure that your Personal Information is as accurate, correct, updated and complete as possible, in line with the purposes of processing.

Under data protection laws, you have the right, at all time, to oppose to processing, and to access your Personal Information, as well as to update, correct and erase your information that we store and that is incomplete, incorrect, outdated or unlawfully processed. For that purpose, you shall contact CCA Law through the below mentioned detail contacts.

To ensure and protect your privacy and security, we will perform reasonable measures to confirm your identity before giving access or proceeding with corrections.

8. How can you be aware of any update to the Privacy Policy?

Our Privacy Policy can be updated. Therefore, we recommend that you frequently review this document, in order to be fully aware of our commitment towards security and privacy of your Personal Information.

Whenever occurs an amendment on our privacy policy, we will publish a notice in this website. Should the amendments be materially relevant, CCA Law might send to all registered users an email providing notice about such amendments. Below, you will find the date of the last update.

9. What are our contact details? 

Should you have any question regarding this Privacy Policy or should you intend to exercise your right to access, update, correct, oppose or erase your personal information, please contact us to:

Rua Vítor Cordon, nº10A
1249 – 202 Lisboa
Tel: +351 213 223 590

Published on: April 2019