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Alumni CCA
Legal Counsel at Farfetch

Jokingly, I condemn CCA for the internship because we become unaccustomed! The truth is that I couldn't have asked for a better start to my career, or baggage for the future. The combination of a demanding professional environment, with total availability among peers, and proximity, transversal to society, is undoubtedly what most characterises CCA. CCA is its people, and I was lucky to come across the best ones.

Francisco Grijó

Alumni CCA
CRM & Analytics Trainee at Ageas Seguros

My experience, as a summer intern at CCA, was extremely challenging and enriching! As an intern in the Communication and Marketing department, I had the opportunity to contribute on different fronts, from which I highlight the dynamization of CCA's social networks and intranet, the preparation of clients' presentations, and the organization of events. It was two months of intense learning and personal and professional growth. This was an experience that opened doors in the job market and that, undoubtedly, leveraged my early career!

Carolina Claro

Alumni CCA
Associate at Abreu Advogados

A CCA é um verdadeira “incubadora” de talento e criatividade jurídicos, que potencia a formação de advogados vanguardistas e open-minded.
Com uma equipa de profissionais exímios, onde a cooperação e a partilha de know-how estão sempre na ordem do dia, as relações de proximidade são privilegiadas e proporcionam uma experiência bastante profícua. Tudo isto conflui para que seja uma sociedade de advogados com uma identidade muito singular, que faz história na memória de todos aqueles que, tal como eu, por lá passaram.


Sara Mendonça