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CCA AI Governance Academy


How can we identify the most sensitive challenges, players, segments, and circumstances of automated decision-making processes? How can we supervise and monitor automated decision-making processes?

From November 7th to the 9th, CCA presents the "CCA AI Governance Academy" - a 3-session set - in which topics such as the challenges of decision-making automation processes and the rising of new conflicts and legal challenges are going to be debated by our distinguished panel of experts:




  • November 7th - PUBLIC SESSION: Will briefly explain the shift from Turing's AI to ChatGPT, the risks involved and the liabilities inherent to this change. It´ll be followed by practical cases.
  • November 8th and 9th - CLOSED SESSIONS: Will discuss the regulatory and governance trends, the impact of assessment tools and the computational thinking and automation logic.


If you wish to enroll on the closed sessions, register as an early bird until the 31st of July and gain free access to all sessions*. After this date, closed sessions will have a cost of 100€.

All the workshops will be held at CCA Law Firm headquarters (Edifício Diogo Cão, Doca de Alcântara Norte in Lisboa), and preceded by a welcome coffee.


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*The registrations for the closed sessions are subject to further approval.