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CCA ON TIME on Sustainability welcomes RESHAPE


On June 30, CCA ON - CCA's Knowledge and Innovation Centre - continues with its cycle of conferences "CCA ON TIME in Sustainability", welcoming RESHAPE and its project Reshape Ceramics, a project that believes in second chances, both for raw materials and for the lives that produce them. To this end, they bet on the creation of ceramic pieces made by the hands of former and current people from our prison community. They also believe that it is necessary to think and act about the future of our prison system.

Closing the first semester of 2022, dedicated to the themes of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging, we invited Duarte Fonseca, Executive Director of RESHAPE, to explain how they intend to have a positive impact on the lives within the prison community, creating equal and better opportunities for a successful and dignified integration in society.

The event takes place at CCA's new headquarters (Edifício Diogo Cão, Doca de Alcântara Norte), at 12 noon, with 1 hour duration and space for questions and answers.

From 11.45 am you will be welcomed with a Welcome Coffee.