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COVID-19 E-meeting | Tourism & events: Strategies in times of crisis


Last April 16th, CCA ON - CCA's Knowledge and Innovation Centre - hosted an E-meeting on the main concerns of people working in the areas of Tourism & Events, in particular on what they claim about the measures already taken by the Government, what could still be done to support these sectors, and what the prospects for the future are.

The E-meeting “Tourism & Events: Strategies in times of crisis” was attended by Ana Jacinto, Secretary-General of the AHRESP (Association of hotels, restaurants, and similar establishments in Portugal), António Marques Vidal, President of the APECATE (Portuguese Association of Congress, Tourist Entertainment and Events) and Álvaro Covões, Managing Director of Everything is New.

  • If you were unable to join the Webinar, you can now do so via the link below "Watch Video”.