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Webinar "The Misuse of «Shell Entities»: European Commission’s Proposal"


CCA ON - CCA Law Firm's Knowledge and Innovation Centre - organizes on 17th February the Webinar “The Misuse of «Shell Entities»: European Commission’s Proposal”, where the following issues will be addressed:

  • What will the new rules do?
  • What are the standards and indicators used to determine if a company has real economic activity?
  • How do these gateways work in practice?

Scheduled to start at 11 AM via Zoom, this Webinar will feature Carla Matos, CCA's Partner of the Private Clients Area, who will share her insights on the topic and answer all your questions in the Q&A area.

With a duration of 30 minutes, this session will be free of charge but with limited seats.

Secure your seat and sign up HERE!