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Law, Data & Robots | Episode 1


"Law, Data & Robots" is your new CCA ON series.

It is with great pleasure that today we launch the first episode of the new CCA ON series dedicated to Artificial Intelligence and looking for technological solutions that improve our daily lives, whether in mobility, in the workplace, in financial life, or even in consumption habits.

And, for starters, nothing better than letting you know about the work developed by CEiiA, which conceives, develops, and operates new products and services for technologically advanced industries (automobile and mobility, aeronautics, sea, and space) and which thinks technology by sustainability (sustainability by design).

In an informal conversation moderated by Rita Trabulo, CCA Startinnovation Team Coordinator, Luís Reis, Head of Business Development Mobility at CEiiA, explains how data can be put at the service of a more sustainable life (in the city).