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CCA chooses Intapp and ROOX as technology partners to guide innovative vision


Leading Portuguese firm will leverage Intapp Time and Intapp Pricing to enhance customer experience.

Lisbon-based law firm CCA has selected Intapp Time and Intapp Pricing to enhance the firm’s overall client experience. Serving Portugal’s most advanced companies, CCA chose Intapp and its trusted partner, ROOX — the Portuguese provider of IT products and services to professional services companies — to assist with deployment. Together, these three innovators are placing the human experience at the intersection of service and technology.

CCA chose Intapp and ROOX to enable the firm’s larger vision: leading innovation in all areas of the legal sector and moving away from traditional models. As law firms are increasingly expected to adapt to clients’ needs and eliminate barriers to efficiency where possible, only Intapp solutions enable firms with the most advanced technology to improve realization, ensure compliance, and ultimately maximize profitability.

“CCA is the trusted legal partner for the most technological and innovative companies in Portugal,” said Jorge Machado, Managing Director at CCA. “We must acknowledge that the old way does not work anymore. We are clear that the way forward is to transform ourselves, and — inspired by our customers — to lead the technology revolution for our industry”.

“Working with Intapp and ROOX aligns with our mission to ensure CCA’s offerings remain innovative and accessible to all,” Machado continued. “We chose these solutions due to their intuitive design and project- and task-management approach to time and pricing. By removing time-consuming administrative tasks such as manual timesheet entry, we can free our lawyers and their clients to focus on more strategic tasks, enhancing the experience for all parties. These solutions will boost our efficiency, and ultimately will allow us to provide higher-quality service at a more-accessible value.”

“We're very pleased to welcome CCA to the Intapp community and look forward to delivering our solutions to such an ambitious, innovative firm,” commented Chris Turk, EMEA Vice President at Intapp. “By implementing our technology, we are confident that CCA will be able to further drive efficiencies and enhance its client-centric approach.”

“This partnership represents a big step forward in leading firms taking the initiative when it comes to client-oriented technology investment,” added Hugo Farinha, COO at ROOX. “Our focus has always been on humanizing technology and optimizing it for the individual, so we look forward to supporting CCA in its integration of Intapp solutions.”

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