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CCA in the TOP 3 of Portuguese companies with the highest percentage of lawyers


CCA has been distinguished by the Iberian Lawyer in the TOP 3 of Portuguese law firms with the highest percentage of lawyers in their teams. The Director of Human Resources at CCA Law Firm, Teresa Rocha, explained to the international directory the work that has been developed in the search for diversity and in the implementation of measures that promote gender equality.

According to Teresa Rocha, one of the reasons CCA manages to avoid the gap in promoting women to decision-making positions is the awareness that the gender gap exists "the situation of women and men in the labour market is characterised by presenting a set of very significant asymmetries, where wage disparity and access to leadership are some of the symptoms of the difference in power between the genders".

CCA was the only company under analysis to present data showing real asymmetries and wage differences between genders, despite efforts and policies to the contrary "an average difference of around 4% more salary in the case of male partners compared to female partners and 0.5% in the case of lawyers".