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CCA is the legal partner of "Uncancel Collection"


CCA is the legal partner of the solidarity initiative "UNCANCEL COLLECTION", whose total revenue reverts to União Audiovisual, in order to mitigate the impact caused by COVID-19 in the events and entertainment sector.

“UNCANCEL COLLECTION” is a collection of various merchandising products from music festivals and other events canceled in 2020, such as Rock in Rio, NOS Alive and Primavera Sound, Vodafone Paredes de Coura, SBSR, Meo Sudoeste, among others, whose value fully reverts to support Portuguese professionals in the audiovisual sector.

In addition to the merchandising of the canceled events, for those who do not wish to purchase any of the physical products available or if the collection is sold out, the virtual t-shirt "UNCANCEL COLLECTION" has been created. This e-shirt, which also works with content that can be shared on social networks, is a direct donation to professionals in the audiovisual sector that can be made by individuals or companies and aims to raise awareness, within this concept of helping those who suffer the most from the cancellation of public events.

"By buying a souvenir of the show that did not take place, the Portuguese are not only buying a souvenir of a cultural or sports event, which was forced to be cancelled due to this virus, they are also helping professionals in this sector in the most difficult phase of their lives. It is a way to turn waste into a cause, where everyone can participate", explains João Ribeiro, Managing Partner of the Stream and Tough Guy agency responsible for the initiative.

The Solidarity Online Store will be available from November 24th  to December 18th  HERE.