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Filipe Mayer in an interview with JE talks about patent registration in Portugal


In a major interview with Jornal Económico, Filipe Mayer, Partner at CCA Law Firm, takes stock of the two years since the entry into force of the new Industrial Property Code (CPI), analyses the current scenario of patent registration in the Portuguese business fabric, and projects the major trends in industrial property and patents in Portugal.

"According to data provided by the INPI [Portuguese Institute of Industrial Property] for the year 2019, the number of patent applications was marked by increases when compared to 2018, both in national patent applications, as well as regards the number of European patent validations in Portugal. In addition, applications of Portuguese origin on international channels showed increases compared to 2018, which clearly shows companies’ investment interest in the Portuguese market. By analysing the data of the global market as a whole, inventions stood out in 2019 with an increase in the number of patent applications in general, compared to the numbers for 2018 (data from the INPI's 2019 Annual Statistics Report)", underlines Filipe Mayer.

In the eyes of Portuguese entrepreneurs, patent registration can be seen merely as a cost and a necessary step that they must take to be able to implement their project, however, the CCA’s Partner warns that "although he understands this rationale, he is sure that this is a very 'common' mistake, and that it can end up being quite expensive for those who just consider the protection of Industrial Property rights as a cost. In fact, it is exactly the opposite. It is an essential measure to enhance any business on the basis of difference and innovation".

As regards the future and considering the current phase in which we live, Filipe Mayer believes that "it is likely that the pharmaceutical industry, which already has a decisive weight in this area, will dominate the patent registration processes".