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Henrique Salinas comments Operação Influencer


In the context of Operação Influencer, which led to the collapse of António Costa's government, the defence of the defendant Afonso Salema, former CEO of Start Campus, has asked the court to declare the evidence gathered by the Police null and void, since the law provides for the exclusive competence of the Judiciary Police for the offences surrounding the case. In an interview to SIC Notícias, Henrique Salinas, partner at CCA and head of the Criminal & Compliance practice, comments on the petition addressed to the Criminal Investigation Central Court.

According to Henrique Salinas " The Judiciary Police is responsible for investigating certain crimes. These powers are reserved and cannot be transferred to other criminal police organisations". He further added that in this case "the interpretation is relatively clear. The division of powers laid down in the law was not complied with."