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Marta Duarte analyses the increase in divorces after the quarantine


Marta Duarte, Litigation and Arbitration Partner at CCA Law Firm, was today's guest of the program “Explicador”, of Rádio Observador, where she analysed the increase in the number of divorces after the quarantine period. As the confinement has ended, couples are seeking to close their divorce proceedings before the judicial holidays, which begins as early as the 16th of July.

"During the State of Emergency, it was possible to file the request for divorce with the Conservatory, as the request can be filed online in case of mutual consent. However, if this is not the case, the process must be brought before the court, which was closed during this period", clarifies Marta Duarte.

Regarding the closure of all divorce cases until the judicial holidays, the CCA Partner says that "there is undoubtedly the risk that it will not be possible to close all these cases, mainly because we are talking about divorce cases that are going on in court and that have to follow their normal procedures, such as reconciliation attempts".

"Divorce proceedings can be resolved by attempting reconciliation - which, given the pending issues that already existed, will be difficult to schedule by the judicial holidays – or, considering that there are no urgent cases, the deadline for contesting will be extended to September (...)", explains Marta Duarte.