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Miguel Carvalho Marques talks about the new virtual influencers


Miguel Carvalho Marques, Associate of CCA's Technology, Media & Telecommunications Department (TMT), writes an opinion article for Meios & Publicidade magazine about the new wave of virtual influencers such as Sophia, Lil Miquela, Blawko, Shudo and Yumi robots and avatars, which today occupy spaces once reserved exclusively for humans.

With thousands (or millions) of followers, influencers currently occupy a central place in brand communication, and the most effective means of communicating brand values and messages, "products tell a story and they personify it", Miguel says.

However, heated legal discussions in the consumers and advertising field begin to emerge as regards the authenticity of the presentation made by influencers which, according to guides issued by, for example, the Directorate-General for Consumers, can never be false or misleading.

The applicability of 'human' influencer marketing rules to these new virtual influencers will be challenging, "these avatars should be subject to further scrutiny, as any product/endorsement use experience can never be real", stresses the lawyer.

  • Meios & Publicidade