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Pedro Antunes analyses the employment support measures launched by the Government


The measures approved by the Government to support companies aim to curb the unemployment caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, and according to labour law experts, they can only mitigate and delay the problem. Speaking to Jornal de Negócios, Pedro Antunes, Partner of the Labour Department at CCA, explains how companies feel, whose asphyxiation caused by the pandemic crisis is leading to workforce restructuring and adjustments.

"Our managers seem tired of waiting for the so-called European 'bazooka' and effective economic promotion measures. There is a cash flow to manage and, in general, they no longer believe in the support", underlines the CCA Partner.

In order that companies are able to maintain jobs, Pedro Antunes argues that "the possibility of only discounting 50% of the single social rate on the part of the employer" would be a measure to be adopted, since it "has proved to be significant in cutting the payroll expense". He adds that it is "urgent for the European Union to release the funds, but also that Portugal, when it receives them, simplifies their allocation".