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Tânia de Almeida Ferreira comments on the creation of tax benefits for the green transition


According to the European Commission, the green transition in the eurozone economy must be inclusive and constitute an engine for the modernization of the economic fabric, without hampering the accounting of companies with less financial capacity. Speaking to Jornal Económico, Tânia de Almeida Ferreira, Partner, and Head of the CCA’s Tax Department comments on the creation of tax policies that support the energy transition.

"For entities without the right to deduct VAT, where energy conversion ends up having a higher cost due to the inability to recover the VAT incurred, why not allow a direct deduction from the IRC collection of the amount corresponding to this VAT?", asks the CCA Partner, who also suggests the creation of a SIFIDE for the energy transition or the increase in the costs of investments in renewable energies.

Tânia de Almeida Ferreira argues that these mechanisms fit together perfectly and easily with other budgetary support, "it will only be a question of channelling public funds, whether from a national source (taxes collected), or from a European source (among others, those resulting from the Recovery and Resilience Plan), for the granting of financing".