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Teresa Rocha explains what law firms look for in modern lawyers


Availability, soft skills, and principles, are some of the skills that recruiters see as essential in modern-day lawyers. But how are these professionals currently trained and who is responsible for this role? Speaking to Advocatus, Teresa Rocha, Human Resources (HR) Director at CCA Law Firm, explains what is sought today in law professionals and the role of the Bar Association (OA), colleges, and firms in their training.

"Professionals have ceased to stand out solely for their high technical skills or for the mastery of their area of expertise. They are required to develop skills that allow them to better understand the client's core business, to communicate assertively, and to present creative proposals and solutions", underlines the HR Director.

With regard to training, Teresa Rocha says that both the OA, as well as universities and businesses, have an important and very significant role, "university has a fundamental role, at the end of the day, it is the first stage of access to the profession. A solid academic path, in a benchmark faculty, with a modern and global vision of the profession prepares the lawyer’s draft. The OA guarantees the initiation to the technical aspects of the profession and enables the trainee lawyer with the technical-professional and ethical knowledge essential to the exercise of their activity".

"Today's lawyer must be available, accept new challenges and responsibilities, know how to work in a team, have the ability to establish interpersonal relationships and to demonstrate a facilitative and collaborative attitude, have the ability to carry out tasks in a focused, critical and enthusiastic manner, have the ability to plan and manage activities, time and resources in order to achieve the expected results and within the established deadlines, being tech-oriented and, of course, mastering foreign languages. To be a lawyer you have to transcend the world of law", explained Teresa Rocha.