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Tito Rendas talks about protecting trade secrets


Tito Rendas, Consultant at the Department of Technology, Media and Telecommunications of CCA, in an interview with Jornal Económico, commented on the entry into force in the national legal regime of a chapter of the Industrial Property Code (IP Code) on the so-called "trade secrets". This law came to provide for the institutionalization of the figure of the holder of trade secrets, who exercises control over that confidential information, which may be a company (of any size) or an individual.

"The framework that was given by the transposition of the 2016 directive, in the IP Code, gave trade secrets a much more detailed regime because they used to be considered within the context of the discipline of unfair competition and are now dealt with autonomously, with ways of repairing and preventing violations", stressed the Consultant.

Acknowledging that companies in Portugal were not familiar with the new regime, nor prepared to protect their trade secrets, CCA recently launched a particular service called “Trade Secrets Protection”, which is also a strategic bet by the law firm that has been advising several startups and/or technological companies.

Next Tuesday, January the 28th, Tito Rendas will be the speaker of a session dedicated to this topic, together with Integrity's Managing Partner, Rui Shantilal. Registration

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