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Vera Martinez comments the Law of Urban Leasing


Vera Martinez, CCA ONTIER's Associate of the Real Estate Department, writes an opinion article to Diário de Notícias entitled 'The new changes to urban lease legislation'.

'We believe that a reform of the urban lease regime should focus on the creation of mechanisms that effectively lead to a market equilibrium, which will not be achieved if efforts are only focused on the needs of tenants, and it is also urgent to take into account the current situation of the landlords', says CCA ONTIER's lawyer.

For Vera Martinez, 'the equilibrium that is necessary in the urban lease regime cannot be over-regulated by a market that needs to be free and self-sufficient in order to stay alive. It is true that the State has the duty to guarantee the right to housing enshrined in the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic. But that same guarantee should also be limited to the sphere of private rights of the various parties involved in this process'.