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European SME Fund - Reopening of the call for proposals (until 8 December 2023)



Due to the large number of SMEs applying for this support, with more than 22,000 applications submitted throughout the European Union (in Portugal around 700 applications were submitted), the European Fund to support Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), has been reallocated and has resumed the award of Vouchers for reimbursement of expenses incurred with Trade Mark, Design or Model Registration Services and IP Scanning.

Vouchers for the reimbursement of national patent application fees have been discontinued this time.

Applications for support can be made until 8 December 2023.

Grants continue to be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis and are limited to the available budget of the Fund.


  1. An IP Scan voucher (up to a maximum of EUR 1350) can be used for IP pre-diagnostic services with a national IP office in an EU Member State offering the service under the SME Fund initiative. In this IP pre-scan service (IP Scan), professional auditors in the field identify the value of the company's intellectual property assets and help define a business strategy. The cost of the IP Scan may vary depending on the country. For a list of countries offering this service and their costs, see this page;
  2. A trademark and design voucher (maximum 1000 EUR) can be used to register trademarks and/or designs in order to protect them at national, regional, EU and/or international level.


  • At any time, until 08/12/2023;
  • Applications will be assessed by EUIPO on a weekly basis (notification of decision within 15 working days);
  • Each company can apply for two applications, one for services 1 (IP Scan) and 2 (trademarks, designs or models);

Support is evaluated and granted by entry order. Therefore, if the budget is reached before the deadline, applications may be closed earlier than expected.