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Growth of the video games sector in the EU: new rules on the way



The growth of the video game industry has alerted the European Union for the need to implement player protection measures, especially in what concerns young people.

Thus, on 18th January 2023, at a plenary session of the European Parliament, a report was adopted setting out the need for specific rules directed to the protection of children and vulnerable individuals.

Some of the most sensitive issues on the table relate to in-game purchases and subsequent sale of virtual items for real money, addiction problems, age rating and player protection, as well as more general issues such as data protection and subscription cancellation.

The aim of this initiative will possibly be an attempt to harmonize the rules covering the video game sector at a community level.

The European Union is thus recognizing the sector, encouraging it through a possible European video games strategy, having also been proposed an annual European award for online video games, while not hiding the need for greater control and monitoring of this growing industry.