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CCA organizes conference "PropTech - Innovation and Evolution of the Real Estate Market


The Conference "PropTech - Innovation and Evolution of the Real Estate Market", organized by CCA ON - CCA's Knowledge and Innovation Center, will take place at CCA Law Firm's headquarters in Lisbon, on June 2nd between 09h30 and 11 am, in both live and online formats.

This event is integrated in the new cycle of conferences "CCA Talks" and will be the first dedicated to innovation and evolution of the real estate market, through sharing the experience of some of the players that conquered this market, with innovation at their service.

Moderating the session will be Madalena Azeredo Perdigão, Partner of CCA's Real Estate Area, who will be joined by Rafaela Andrade, Partner & CFO, Casafari; José Covas, Managing Partner, AURA REE Portugal and Rui Meneses Ferreira, Managing Director, Kronos Homes, as speakers.