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The Transitional NHR Regime for 2024: A practical guide


On February 20, CCA ON - CCA's Knowledge and Innovation Centre - is launching a conference on " The transitional NHR regime for 2024: A practical guide" which will address issues relating to the transitional regime governing the non-habitual resident regime.

The session is scheduled to start at 5pm and will feature Carla Matos, Partner at CCA's Private Clients practice, who will share her insights on the subject and answer any questions in the Q&A area.

With free access and a duration of 1 hour, registration for this session is limited.



  • Applying the NHR transitional regime: what does it mean?
  • NHR: Attractive Tax Regime
    - Tax residence
    - NHR: Exemption for foreign source income
  • What to do in practice?