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Private Clients

A multifaceted and tailored monitoring of our clients.

At CCA we observe closely the life of our clients and their family dynamics, trying to understand their personal circumstances and aspirations, as well as their commercial and business objectives.

CCA's Private Clients team provides legal advice to individuals, national and foreign, in the most diverse areas, in particular in the regulation of family legal relationships, inheritance law (wills, donations, shares/ inventories, management of patrimony), real estate-related transactions, land registration acts, automobile and notarial acts, as well as providing advice on the posting of Portuguese workers abroad and foreign workers in Portugal.

Our services also include the follow-up of matters related to the application for visas and residence permits (among them, the processing of the Golden Visa procedure), as well as the processes of acquisition of Portuguese nationality (descendants of Portuguese, descendants of Sephardic Jews, among others).

We also provide tax advice to individuals, namely in obtaining the Non-Habitual Resident status (RNH) and on the tax optimization of family income or assets.

Private Clients

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Private Clients Department

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Private Clients Department

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