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Webinar "Succession Planning"


CCA ON - CCA Law Firm's Knowledge and Innovation Centre - invites you to attend, on March 10th, the Webinar “Succession Planning”, where the following issues will be addressed:

  • Inheritance law: The importance of deciding on the legal regime that will regulate the succession and the need to choose the most appropriate one for the family and patrimonial situation;
  • Succession Planning: The possibility of using wills, trusts and other structures.

Scheduled to start at 6 PM (WET), this Webinar will feature Carla Matos, CCA's Partner of the Private Clients Area, and Andreia Morgado Duarte, CCA's Associate of the Private Clients Area, who will share their insights on the topic and answer all questions placed, at the moment, in the Q&A area.

With a duration of 30 minutes, this session will be free of charge but with limited seats.

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