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Webinar: the impact of Brexit for startups


On December 31st, Brexit finally entered into force and the impact of this decision was immediately noticeable: long lines of trucks and truck drivers held up on both sides of the Eurotunnel.

Next Friday, February 5th, at 12 noon, CCA Law Firm, in partnership with Startup Lisboa, is organizing a webinar dedicated to the impact of Brexit on the daily life of startups, which proposes to analyse the following topics:

  • At what stage are the discussions between the UK and the EU, four and a half years after the referendum?
  • What are the main challenges that European startups will face when they enter or try to stay, in the UK market?
  • Will London no longer be one of the benchmarks for funding on the old continent?

The debate will take place between CCA’s Managing Partner, Domingos Cruz, and João de Sousa Guimarães, Vice-President of the Portuguese-British Chamber of Commerce, in a conversation moderated by Mariana Bandeira from Jornal Económico.

Participation in the event is free, but subject to prior registration HERE. Secure your seat!