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CCA adopts artificial intelligence and exhibits productivity gains


CCA Law Firm has teamed up with Legau to adopt AI Assistant, the first Portuguese artificial intelligence tool for legal services, which incorporates generative AI.

By using the tool since April 2023, the Corporate team at CCA Law Firm has been able to increase the lawyers' capabilities and, at the same time, streamline processes, resulting in greater team efficiency.

The tool also allows lawyers to analyse court decisions in just a few minutes, instead of spending hours searching for them and studying them to see if they are relevant to the case at hand.

“When used safely and responsibly, technology has the ability to be a great ally in managing and analysing more repetitive tasks, allowing people to focus on other aspects of their work,” explains Rita Trabulo, CCA's Innovation and Knowledge Director, adding that “by adopting this tool, we are incorporating new ways of adding value and experience to our clients and partners into our day-to-day work, while guaranteeing the security and confidentiality of the information we work with.”

Efficiency and productivity were the main aspects highlighted by the team that adopted Legau's AI Assistant, by streamlining numerous key processes, from legal research to drafting and reviewing legal documents, which saved time and enabled teams to focus more on what is considered to be their most strategic work.

CCA was an early adopter of the Portuguese startup's main product and, since 2021, has helped Legau improve the tool through countless inputs from the teams using it. The adoption of the AI Assistant tool naturally complemented this use, accompanying CCA's innovative streak without compromising the quality of the work provided.

Luís Alves Dias, CEO and Co-Founder of Legau, says that “the long-lasting partnership with CCA, based on mutual trust and the will to innovate, has not only greatly enriched our trajectory, but also, and more importantly, has had a positive impact on the lives of CCA's lawyers. We are delighted about this and deeply grateful for the trust from day one (still in beta testing) and for CCA's continued commitment and look forward to continuing to build the future of legal services together.”



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