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Catarina Limpo Serra talks about the pandemic and advocacy 4.0


The pandemic has forced sectors to reinvent themselves to maintain their activity and law firms are no exception to this change. In an opinion piece for Advocatus, Catarina Limpo Serra, Coordinator of the Litigation and Arbitration Department at CCA Law Firm, explains how the pandemic has anticipated the future and forced the forensic industry to find new solutions to the problem of conducting hearings without the traditional face-to-face audience.

"The main advantage of remote hearings is that they keep the proceedings going. Hearings always start on time and it becomes more difficult to justify delays and no-shows. Another benefit is the speed of the procedures because it is easier to reconcile schedules and at the same time more difficult to invoke impediments due to the lack of courtrooms or travel difficulties", underlines the CCA Litigation Coordinator.

For Catarina Limpo Serra, even though the idea of hearings held entirely at a distance is felt by many lawyers as an almost alien reality, it is clear that "the pandemic has reinforced the idea that law and technology are inseparable and that the benefits for forensic professionals and consumers of justice are undeniable".