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Domingos Cruz anticipates the pandemic crisis as an accelerator of change


In a big interview with ECO-Advocatus, Domingos Cruz, Managing Partner of CCA Law Firm, reveals what he expects from 2021, which sectors he believes have the greatest movement, and what he considers to be the guiding principles of the economy in Portugal for this new year.

Confident that the technology sector will be highlighted in 2021, Domingos Cruz predicts that the pandemic crisis will act as an accelerator of change, especially in terms of the increase in teleworking, fostering scientific and technological advances, and promoting a new digital age. The Managing Partner believes that "innovation, digitization, and technology must be the guiding principles of the economy in Portugal".

For the new year, he also anticipates "the growth of those areas that normally become busier during periods of greater instability: Litigation, Restructuring and Insolvency, Labour, but also application of European funds and M&A", adding that "the energy sector presents itself as one of the hottest markets for those wishing to invest in Portugal".