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Domingos Cruz reveals what sets CCA apart in the legal market


In a great interview with the publication Iberian Lawyer, Domingos Cruz, Managing Partner of CCA Law Firm, reveals what sets CCA apart in the legal market, its relationship with clients, and the out-of-the-box approach to law that aims to shape the future of the law profession in Portugal.

"CCA stands out for being a law firm with a young and modern attitude, with a great focus on new technologies, which prides itself on being close to the clients, providing tailor-made solutions", underlines the Managing Partner, who adds that "the client is the absolute core of our activity; we cherish and promote our relationship with our clients in a long-term perspective".

Regarding the challenges for 2021, Domingos Cruz believes that "the Portuguese economy will be capable of a rapid and robust economic recovery if it succeeds in reaching two basic assumptions, one highly objective, the other purely subjective, i.e., liquidity and confidence".