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Henrique Salinas and Marta Duarte in an interview with Jornal de Negócios about the launch of SafeChannel


Henrique Salinas and Marta Duarte, CCA Partners, spoke to Jornal de Negócios about the launch of SafeChannel, an innovative service that enables complaints to be delt with in an impartial, independent and transparent manner, helping companies to be compliant with the Directive on the Protection of Whistleblowers, approved by the European Union in 2019.

According to the CCA Partners "we need to create, by all possible means - from the very start of education in schools – the community conviction that the type of behaviour that is at the root of corruption and that can manifest itself in the most varied forms is corrosive to healthy social coexistence and brings no benefit (...) It makes no sense to have the most perfect laws in the world if the justice system is not able to apply them later".

"Data protection is one of the requirements for reporting channels. SafeChannel complies with all data protection requirements. For this purpose, all reports will be restricted to the persons responsible for their processing and will be confidential, namely with regard to the identity of the complainant, as well as third parties mentioned in the complaint", they underline.