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By recognising that whistleblowers facilitate the discovery and investigation of irregularities in companies, the European Union adopted the Directive on Whistleblower Protection, which aims to implement rules to ensure the effective protection of people who, in a professional context, obtain knowledge of breaches and wish to report them. To this end, companies will be obliged to create secure internal channels for their employees to submit complaints and to implement internal rules ensuring the handling of such complaints.

The Directive entered into force on December 16th, 2019 and will have to be transposed by all Member States by December 17th, 2021, and in Portugal there is already a draft law to this effect.

To help companies comply with the new rules and ensure effective analysis and follow-up of all complaints made by their employees, CCA has created a service called SafeChannel.

Through the BKMS Compliance System platform, we intend to streamline and guarantee the seriousness and total confidentiality of the complaints and ensure compliance with the law with regard to their treatment. In addition to the technological solution, this service also offers the analysis and processing of complaints. At this stage, CCA will play the role of Examiner, that is, the external entity that will analyse the complaint rigorously and impartially and adopt the necessary procedures for its conclusion.

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