Whistleblowing Regulation: Safechannel

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As it acknowledges whistleblowing enables the disclosure and investigation of wrongdoing in undertakings, the European Union adopted the EU Whistleblower Directive. The diploma establishes rules to ensure the effective protection of those who lawfully become aware of any wrongdoing at the workplace and wish to report it. The Directive has already been transposed into the Portuguese legal system, and the whistleblower protection regime shall come into effect as of 18 June 2022.

Undertakings are required to create secure internal channels for their employees to submit reports and to implement internal rules to ensure such reports are duly handled.


In order to help undertakings complying with the new rules and to ensure all reports submitted by their employees are effectively analysed and monitored, CCA has created SafeChannel.

Through a technological platform, developed by a leading technological partner in the European market, we intend to speed up and guarantee the total seriousness and confidentiality of the complaints and to ensure compliance with the law with regard to their treatment. In addition to the technological channel for complaints, this service offers a complete solution:

  • Initial Training;
  • Support and information material;
  • Whistleblowing and security policies;
  • Licensing and management of the Whistleblowing Channel;
  • Handling of complaints by an external entity - Examiners.





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