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Mafalda Abreu Peixoto talks about the proposal for a regulation of the AI of the European Commission


In a recognized regulatory effort, the European Commission presented this year what will be the first global legislative package establishing harmonized rules in the field of artificial intelligence. In an opinion piece for IT Channel magazine, Mafalda Abreu Peixoto, Associate of the Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) Department of CCA, clarifies the scope of application the Proposal and its overall constraints.

"The EU effort is commendable and not without risks and constraints. Whatever the end result, an AI Regulation will have to be sustainable, allowing the rules to adapt to progress and not quickly become obsolete", says the CCA lawyer.

Regarding the proposal, Mafalda Abreu Peixoto adds that "it will be essential, for a common coexistence and mutual growth, that companies adapt to a mindset increasingly demanded by consumer-investors, and in a way already advocated by the GDPR and the EU commitments and strategies in the field of ESG: that its activity will only be accepted and viable in the future to the extent that it is transparent, accountable, and as long as it can contribute to solving problems in society and social, environmental or other issues".