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Pedro Antunes comments on the German court’s decision in the case of a teleworking accident


In Germany, a man who was teleworking slipped as he moved from room to room at home and he will be compensated by workers' compensation insurance because, technically, he was going to work. Speaking to Pessoas by ECO, Pedro Antunes, Partner in the Labour Department of CCA, comments on the outcome of a similar situation in Portugal.

"A decision such as that of the German Federal Court would be possible in Portugal, given that the residence of the worker had been communicated to the insurance company as his workplace, otherwise it could not be qualified as an accident at work. Consequently, if a worker is teleworking, should an event occur such as a fall, the route to his workplace (home office) can be considered an accident at work, in the light of the Portuguese law", explains the Partner.

However, according to Pedro Antunes, "the lack of care in the formalization of the teleworking scheme, through the conclusion of written agreements with workers, could lead to controversial cases and give rise to insurers to deny insurance coverage".