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Rita Serrano's comments on the risk of data misuse by worldcoin



The Tools for Humanity Corporation foundation, owner of Worldcoin, has become a success story in several countries, including Portugal, for transforming iris photography into an encrypted code in exchange for cryptocurrencies. This practice can, however, pose risks in terms of improper use of data. Speaking to Jornal de Negócios, Rita Serrano, Managing Associate of CCA Law Firm's Privacy and Data Protection practice, comments on the Spanish data protection authority's recent order to suspend Worldcoin's activity.

The activity of Tools for Humanity Corporation "involves the processing of biometric data, which is particularly protected as it could pose high risks to people's rights and freedoms," explains Rita Serrano, adding that this type of organisation "must adopt measures to assess the impact on data subjects".

  • Jornal de Negócios