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Tânia de Almeida Ferreira comments on the initiative to simplify the resolution of tax disputes


The European Commission aims to simply the system for resolving tax disputes with a view to make it more transparent and uniform. The action plan drawn up by Brussels included a survey to European companies to assess the difficulties experienced in resolving tax disputes. Addressing Jornal Económico, Tânia de Almeida Ferreira, Partner and Head of the CCA's Tax Department, underlined the importance of this initiative for the future of the European economy.

For the CCA partner, the natural first step would be to simplify the tax system, in order to "reduce the so-called compliance costs: companies’ reporting obligations would be reduced, its fulfilment would be simplified, compliance costs reallocated to productive activities", adding that tax systems, and in particular tax compliance, "should operate 'on top' of business models, and not alongside, be neutral in terms of competitiveness and consume few resources, thus allowing the focus to be on business, on economic growth" .

"The implementation of simpler reporting systems (...) which will allow savings in resources and a higher level of compliance, guaranteeing the tax authorities of the different countries greater ease of change and analysis of information", emphasizes Tânia de Almeida Ferreira.

  • Jornal Económico