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Teresa Rocha explains recruitment on LinkedIn


Teresa Rocha, Director of Human Resources (HR) of CCA Law Firm, speaking to Advocatus, comments on the growing use of the LinkedIn platform within the legal sector to seek talent.

"We have had the support of LinkedIn for a long time in our recruitment process, precisely because we consider and recognize the advantages of using this tool", assures the HR director of CCA, who also adds that "around 20 to 25% of the recruitment processes are resolved through the platform, and the process is managed by the human resources department".

For Teresa Rocha, the great advantages of using this platform are the « ease of location, contact, and attraction of talents; the dissemination of opportunities in a wider ‘showcase’; increased efficiency of recruitment; the ability to attract and connect professionals in other geographic areas; pro-ability to reach professionals to whom we would hardly have access; an excellent vehicle for disseminating the organization, main projects and events".

The big difference in the recruitment process, says the Director of Human Resources of CCA, focuses on the relevance of the technology. "Technological advances have made processes faster, ‘cleaner’, comprehensive, global, and easier to manage. The emergence of LinkedIn has made contact easier and allows for organizations and candidates to meet more easily".