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Teresa Rocha explains what opportunities arise from specialization


Betting on specialization opens doors and guarantees better chances of choosing where you want to work. Speaking to Jornal Económico, Teresa Rocha, CCA's Human Resources Director, explains what opportunities an LL.M. provides to those who take it and what the consequences of the pandemic are in seeking these types of programs in Portugal.

"An LL.M. is an asset in the training of young lawyers, strengthening their legal sensitivity, their responsiveness and the design of complex solutions or transactions (...) however, CCA does not resign from what it considers, also, to be its obligation: to allow the trainee to develop his capacities and to grow intellectually and legally in the Firm", underlines Teresa Rocha.

A regards the consequences of COVID-19 in the pursuit of these programs, the CCA's HR Director states that "most of the reference institutions, both public and private, have maintained their programs even if according to different patterns and schedules (...) even so, we consider the possibility that many young people have postponed their intention to participate in LL.M. programs due to the negative impact of the pandemic on their personal and family life".