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12th Lisbon Entrepreneurship Week 2023



 On 17, 18 and 19 May, CCA Law Firm, through CCA ON - CCA's Knowledge and Innovation Centre, will attend the 12th Lisbon Entrepreneurship Week - Lisbon Unicorn Week, where it will be responsible for three online trainings dedicated to the hot topics of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Portugal. In these free 60-minute sessions, CCA lawyers will address the most relevant topics for entrepreneurs, startups and scaleups of various sizes and in various stages and stages.

"The Founder has an unbreakable willpower, is constantly thinking not of what exists, but of what should exist, lives in persuasion (and seduction) with investors, allows one to dream, without seeming unrealistic, conquers market, hires and retains talent, must grow, without losing sight of profitability, is fast and agile, solid and knowledgeable, attentive to detail, without micro management. The description may seem exaggerated, but I bet that everyone, in some part, can see themselves im it. Learning curves so steep that they hardly do not turn into precipices", says Domingos Cruz, Managing Partner of CCA Law Firm, adding that "Because we know what they feel, and because information is power, our contribution to the ecosystem is to further empower Founders to know how to make decisions with all the information, risks and opportunities, advantages and trapdoors".

The Webinar developed by CCA ON comprises the following sessions:

  • 17 May - 3pm - "Stock Options in Portugal - Hot topics": Tânia de Almeida Ferreira, Partner and Head of Tax Practice, and Joana Bugia, Principal Associate of the Corporate/M&A Practice
  • 18 May - 3pm - "Immigration & NHR - what do you need to know": Andreia Morgado Duarte, Principal Associate of the Private Clients Practice

The sessions will be in English and are held in the scope of CCA ON Track, which is dedicated to mentoring and coaching startups and entrepreneurs.