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Alcina de Oliveira Alves talks about children and the Internet


As part of the Children's Day, celebrated in Portugal on June 1st, Alcina de Oliveira Alves, Associate of the Technology, Media and Telecommunications Department of CCA, writes an opinion piece for IT Channel magazine on the right to protect children as consumers of the Internet, of network life, and of the services available in the digital world, including the IoT (internet of things) increasingly present in Portuguese homes.

"While there are no doubts about the dangers of the Internet for adults, concerns intensify when the use is made by minors, easy victims of fraudulent schemes and predators", stresses the lawyer.

Regarding the Law, Alcina de Oliveira Alves says that it is "difficult to follow the technological reality, that is to say, to regulate the specifics of a constantly evolving universe. Thankfully it is so, it would not be desirable to have a comprehensive legislative framework in this area, which would easily become obsolete and, as such, impractical. Yet the law can do more, without becoming intrusive".

She adds that "apart from technologies and legal aspects, it is important not to neglect the education of the youngest to act in accordance with the best practices online, which will involve never disclosing personal information on the network, not making appointments with unknown people, especially without parental authorization or supervision, and for reporting any inappropriate behavior by third parties".