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Domingos Cruz explains how CCA deals with the new confinement


Domingos Cruz, Managing Partner of CCA Law Firm, in statements to Jornal Económico, explains how CCA is facing the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and how it has prepared for the new confinement that involves the mandatory teleworking regime.

According to Domingos Cruz, organizational culture is one of the focal points of teleworking, which deserves to be strengthened in this second pandemic wave, "for keeping people motivated, the effort that CCA and all employees have made in proximity and communication has been extremely important to keep people motivated and aligned with the firm’s culture. Whether it be through moments of online social interaction, praise for decisions made, weekly updates on the firm, all helps to build a sense of belonging and ensure alignment and commitment of each and all of us".

The Managing Partner of CCA adds that "it is imperative to change the mindset from the physical space as we know it to a teamwork center, with the team having the flexibility to work remotely and to meet in the office only when necessary. The paradigm of work is increasingly expected to change as something we do and not as a place we go to".