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Domingos Cruz explains the strengthening of the bet on innovation in times of COVID-19


Domingos Cruz, Managing Partner of CCA Law Firm, speaking to Jornal Económico, explains how the COVID-19 pandemic has strengthened law firms' commitment to innovation, both from a technological point of view and from a human resources management perspective.

For the Managing Partner, innovation is not a process with a beginning, a middle, and an end, but a work in progress which ends up changing mentalities and, subsequently, leads to investment in technology; it is "to experiment without fear of failure, to persist in the trial error approach, in the hope that at some point change will occur. It is about promoting internally the feeling of risk and boldness, without calling into question the most sacred thing we have, the interests of our clients. It reveals itself in the way our work is viewed by third parties, in the way we budget and invoice our work, or in the solutions we present. This means having the ability to anticipate the market and the needs of clients and to adapt internally to this vision".

Domingos Cruz adds that "the technological revolution will make societies more human, modern, transparent and closer to clients and co-workers. Emphasis will be placed not only on technological investment but also on investment in the “multidimensional” lawyer and in the non-legal talents.