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Eduardo Magrani participates in paper on governance of AI in organisations


Eduardo Magrani, Senior Of Counsel at CCA Law Firm's TMT practice, was one of the guest researchers participating in the recently published paper on "Framework for AI Ethics Committees", which aims to analyse the Governance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in organisations.

The study was conducted by the Getulio Vargas Foundation's Sao Paulo Law School (FGV) Innovation Research and Education Centre, and is part of a governance and risk management programme that follows regulatory trends in Europe, the US and Brazil.

The first part of this paper sets the context for the research and offers some insights, in particular by defining important concepts such as AI and reflecting on the state of the art of the discussion in the scientific community and in the market. The second part, on the other hand, details the five cornerstones of the framework for the adoption of ethics committees in AI and goes deeper into the possible configurations that have been identified in the research for the constitution and functioning of these structures. The third part details this framework and how it should apply to organisations, exemplifying how specific characteristics can be selected for different scenarios, according to the maturity stages of governance programmes. Finally, the fourth part contains three case studies carried out in the course of this research work, built through interviews with stakeholders involved in this theme, as well as through publicly available documentation.

Portuguese version available here