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Martim Bouza Serrano talks about the laws that govern the functioning of the digital market


The consultation of the digital market conducted by the Competition Authority will identify as an obstacle to new ‘players’ the uncertainty created by the vague rules of the sector and the costs for companies that intend to compete in the world of online business. Speaking to Jornal de Negócios, Martim Bouza Serrano, Partner and Head of the TMT department at CCA, clarifies the difficulties encountered by new players in entering the digital market.

"What makes it difficult for anyone to access this market is not so much the requirements that derive from the law, but rather the uncertainty of these rules, the lack of consensus as to their interpretation and even, in some cases, the very omission of rules governing the activity", underlines Martim Bouza Serrano, who also defends that it would be "important that there was a greater proximity between the regulators and the companies, in particular with those which are now entering the digital market (...) namely, through a closer monitoring of the companies, offering direct channels to resolve any doubts they may have and which are so often decisive for the launch of their projects".

For the CCA partner, "the role of regulators should not be limited to their supervisory function, they should increasingly assume a role of guide, helping companies to better frame their activities".