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Miguel Neiva de Oliveira talks about simplifying procedures


As part of the response to the crisis caused by the pandemic, the Government considers that it is necessary to speed up the decision on projects that will benefit from European funds, however, the veto of the President of the Republic of the amendments to the Public Contracts Code (CCP) and the Administrative Courts Procedural Code (CPTA) was already foreseen by the Court of Auditors.

Miguel Neiva de Oliveira, CCA's Lawyer in the Public Law Department, explains to Jornal de Negócios that a simplification of public procurement procedures is always desirable, as long as it does not constitute an affront to basic principles in the matter.

"There are fundamental problems that definitely need to be overcome so that we can finally have swift and efficient pre-contractual procedures, in which there are no serious violations of the law", says Miguel Neiva de Oliveira, who further adds that this can only start to be resolved gradually "when there is effective and swift judicial control, as well as, of course, accountability of the various participants".