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Criminal Law

Within the normative abundance that regulates the activity of your company, we look for prevention solutions. We unconditionally defend the rights of those who seek us.

In order to adequately respond to its clients' requests, CCA has a team of Lawyers who are prepared to take on a comprehensive and transversal service rendering. Comprehensive because it includes Economic Criminal Law and Administrative Offenses. Transversal, because CCA is not limited to ensuring judicial representation in pending cases, performing before a diverse set of functions to its clients, where preventive law services and compliance are particularly relevant.

This new perspective allows CCA to develop its activities in the design, implementation and follow-up of compliance plans, as well as providing advisory and consulting services to regulatory entities, both in the administrative process and assuming their representation in court.

Criminal Law

Responsible for the Criminal & Compliance Area

Henrique Salinas

Litigation & Arbitration

Marta Duarte

Senior Associate

Maria Madalena de Azeredo Perdigão

Principal Associate

Francisco Pimenta